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Lady Aine ny Allane (mka Lori McKinney)
Lady Valentina de la Volpe (mka Cori Owens)

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Photos From Al Hafla- A Winter's Oasis 2010

Photos From Children's Crusade 2009 

Photos from BMDL Pittsburgh Zoo Demo 2009 

Photos from Regional Practice Dec 2009 (photos by Lady Sabrina Goldophin) 

Photos from Pennsic 38 

Photos from West Lib Demo, Feb 25,2009 


Here are some of the members of the Proto Incipient Shire of
Ballachlagan enjoying an evening of feasting and fun!


Vivat! Here's a toast to our feastocrat
and Mistress of Arts and Sciences,


The table is set and ready for the feast
to begin!

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